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Dr Syed Mulazim Hussain Bukhari
Dr Syed Mulazim Hussain Bukhari
Head of the Department, Pathology
University of Lahore

Current Position 1. Working as Prof of Pathology and Head of the Department in University College of Medicine and Dentistry, University of Lahore June 1st, 2016 2. Working as Prof of Pathology and Head of the Department in Punjab Medical College Faisalabad since 1.5.2016 till May 31, 2016. EX- POSITION Worked as Associate Dean and Prof of Pathology in American University of Barbados, School of Medicine since 1.5.2013 to 30.4.2014 Prof of Pathology in Fatima Jinnah Medical College, Lahore 2014- June 2015 I worked as Project Director Advanced Research Lab/Professor of Pathology, King Edward Medical University Lahore. I also worked as a Prof of Histopathology and Director PhD Program King Edward Medical University Lahore King Edward Medical University (Mayo Hospital) was a large teaching hospital of approximately 2500 beds at Lahore (Pakistan). The Pathology department was internationally renowned, particularly for teaching, diagnostic and research activities relating to Histopathology, Chemical Pathology, Immunology, Haematology, and Microbiology. The training was recognized internationally for MRCPath, Diplomat in American Board and nationally for MD, MPhil, PhD and FCPS. I am looked after a largest Diagnostic Research Lab where were present all types of diagnostic and research facilities regarding Pathology and Radiology since September 17, 2011 to 10.3.2013. It is working day and night as an autonomous project of King Edward Medical University 6 6 Developing the curriculum: PhD Postgraduation I have the honour to develop the First rules and regulation and framework for PhD, MPhill, DCP and BSc (Hons) MLT, first time for King Edward Medical University. MBBS Curriculum: It was mostly problem-based learning curriculum design in schools of medicine and allied health sciences. But conventional system (non- integrative curriculum) was also there to teach the details of Body systems in Basic Medical sciences International Trainings 1 Stem Cell Training, University of West Indies 2013. 2 Breast Pathology: Current Concepts and Controversies June 8-9, 2009. Harvard Medical School, Department of, Continuing Education, Boston, MA.USA. 3 It is my honour to get training in PCR and EM from Graduate School of Medicine and dentistry Kagoshima University, Japan; August 9 to 18, 2007. 4 Conference of unknown cases of surgical Pathology 21-22 July,2008. Massachusetts Gen Hospital Boston; MA; USA. 5 Courses of Electron Microscope form Australian Key Center for Microscopy and Microanalysis Electron Microscope Unit, University of Sydney Australia ( 28 th August to 21 st September, 2006). and PhD: Semester System and Researched based Teaching duties in King Edward Medical University: Undergraduate student MBBS student BDS student BSc (HONS). Student BSc Physiotherapy Postgraduate Student PhD. student MPhill. Student FCPS. Student MD students CPC (clinicopathological conferences) at American University Barbados 1. Twice a week 2. Clinical and Basic Research Discussion: twice a week 3. Review of all difficult cases of Histopathology and Cytology from Queen Elizabeth Hospital 7 7 CPC (clinicopathological conferences) at King Edward Medical University till 2013 April 1. Once a week. Diagnostic Responsibility at King Edward Medical University 1 I looked after Histopathology and Cytology section (about 700-800 per week) of patients from 1996 to April, 2013. 2 On call duties are on CT and Ultrasonographic, guided FNAC (about 10-25 per week). Until recently from 1996 to April,2013. 3 I also covered the review reports from other institutional from 1996 to April, 2013. King Edward Medical College was established as second Medical College after Kolkata in sub continent in 1860 and is more than 140 years old Medical Institution. It is recognized all over the world for its excellent teaching & training and alumni (KEMCOLIANS) have been playing a pivotal role in establishing Medical Institutions in the world & promoting medical education as well as refining the health delivery system. Concerted efforts are afoot to further enhance the postgraduate medical education to the level of PhD in different disciplines including Basic Sciences. Some of the postgraduate diploma and degree courses are already in progress. This prestigious Institution has produced a number of Physicians, Surgeons, Medical Scientists and Teachers, who are serving in the different countries of the world providing the services to ailing humanity without any discrimination.This institution has four major hospital, Mayo Hospital, Lady Atchison and Lady Walingdon Hospital. Pathology Department is one of the largest faculties of the University. The department has been defined into Microbiology, Chemical pathology (with the facility of autoanalyzers), Histopathology and Haematology laboratories which are doing independent work. The Electron Microscope section has its own staff including an Assistant Professor and a laboratory technologist. The pathology lecture theatre has been renovated recently. Special Field of Interest: My Work of in the department consists of educational training for undergraduate students as well as postgraduate training for the diploma of DCP,M.Phil,MD and FCPS. Postgraduate training has been extended to PhD Pathology since 2009. I have 7 students of PhD enrolled with me I have to deal a lot of diagnostic work of three major Hospitals of this Medical Institution. I am also looking after all of the research projects of this department. A Research: 1. Breast carcinoma overall views in Pakistan (Japan) 2. Role of sentinel Lymphnode biopsy in diagnosis of breast carcinoma 3. GIT carcinoma: Neuroendocrine Tumors (International Visiting Scholar Moffitt cancer center Tampa FL:USA ) 4. Skin Tumors 5. Respiratory Tract carcinoma 6. Detection of HPV from Cervical carcinoma (NUST Pakistan) 8 8 B Diagnosis: 1. Cytology and Histopathology 2. Special stains 3. Dermatopathology Past: Attachment/Locum/ “Acting up” Consultant Histopathologist 17 th April 2001 – 31 st July 2005 King Hammad University Bahrain 18.8.12. to 17.9.2012 Moffitt Cancer Center FL,USA 31.05.09-14.06.09 Moffitt Cancer Center Florida USA 15-05-08 to 8-8-08 Itefaq Hospital (Locum) 10-07-05 to 31-07-05 Shaukat Khanam Hospital 15-10-04 to 31-10-04 Agha Khan University 01-08-03 to31-08-03 & 01-03-04 to 31-03-04 SIUT Karachi 01-09-04 to 30-09-04 We have introduced new advanced techniques in the Department of Pathology in the field of all specialties as a Advanced Lab and Diagnostic center. Total Experience in Pathology (Teaching) 32 years A Pathology & Histopathology (Teaching experience Since January 1988 till date) B Demonstrator Pathology (Jan 1988 Nov 1991) 3 Years C Postgraduate medical student (Nov 1991 Nov 1994) 3 years Total Experience in Pathology (Consultant Pathologist) 27 years D Prof of Pathology Dec 2011 till date E. Associate Prof Pathology and Research Director 2008-Dec 2011 E. Assistant Professor/Associate Prof (Jan 2001-2008) 6&1/2 years F. Senior Demonstrator (Jun1996 Dec 2000) 3&1/2 years G. Forensic pathologist (Nov1994 Jun 1996) 1&1/2 years Awards and achievements 1) Name included in President’s programme for care of highly qualified Pakistanis (PPQP) National Talent Pool 2) First PhD Scholar Award King Edward Medical University, Lahore (2010) 3) First PhD Scholar of King Edward Medical University, Lahore (2008) 4) Award from Mushfa cancer Research Center on making research on Bioenergy and stem cell (2007) 5) Certificate of Excellence by International Society of Quantum Bio Energy Medicine by International Society of Quantum Bio Energy Medicine. 6) Gold medal by International Society of Quantum Bio Energy Medicine First Position in Islamia University Bahawal Pur in the exam of DCP:1990 9 9 7) Gold medal by Pakistan Academy of Medical Sciences 8) Gold medal by Pakistan Institute of Acupuncture & Medical Sciences Lahore SPECIAL PRACTICAL SKILLS Including Stem cell, PCR, CT, USG, Fundoscopic, Bronchoscopic FNAC, Biopsy. Frozen sections and Imunohistocytochemistry reports I am performing more than 1600/ year above mentioned FNAC and have published the data as given in my publications and I am familiar with safe techniques of sedation, monitoring and fine needle aspiration biopsies. MEMBERSHIP OF SOCIETIES 1. Pakistan Medical and Dental Council, 2. Pakistan Association of pathologists (PAP) 3. Pakistan Society of infectious diseases 4. Pakistan society of chemical pathologists 5. American Association of Cancer Research (AACR) 6. American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) MANAGEMENT AND ADMINISTRATION Recently working as Project Director of Advanced Lab and Diagnostic Centre and Project Director PhD Program. Also working as Chairman Doctoral Program Coordination Committee. During my stay in Surgeon Medico Legal I learnt this skill and developed the art of giving expert opinion. I learnt the art of Public dealing, administration. I appeared with the meeting of Police and courts for medico legal evidences. COMPUTER SKILLS I have got training in two courses of computer sciences from CPSP and KEMC, Lahore. I regularly use a laptop computer and I am confident in the use of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, e-mail and the Internet. I have got training in two courses of computer sciences from CPSP and KEMC, Lahore. I regularly use a laptop computer and I am confident in the use of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, e-mail and the Internet. Research Project completed I have special interest in this field. I have recently completed national and international research projects: 1. Diagnostic Aspect of Neuroendocrine Tumors in Pakistan, A collaborative research with Moffitt Cancer Research Institute University of South Florida. 2. CASE – CONTROL STUDYON LIFE STYLES AND DISEASES ASSOCIATED WITH CANCERS OF UPPER GIT AND RESPIRATORY ORGANS at King Edward Medical University Lahore, collaborated by Kagoshima University Japan 3. CASE – CONTROL STUDYON LIFE STYLES AND DISEASES ASSOCIATED WITH CANCERS OF Breast at King Edward Medical University Lahore, collaborated by Kagoshima University Japan 10 10 4. Frequency of HER-2/neu overexpression in colorectal cancer and its correlation with clinicopathological prognostic factors (CRC) 5. Analysis of E6 Oncogene from the Predominant genotype of High Risk Human Papilloma Virus collaborated by National University of Science and Technology 6. Detection of Human Papillomavirus Carcinoma of Urinary Bladder in Pakistani Patients collaborated by Kagoshima University Japan 7. Frequency of Cases positive for AFB and Fungus in granulomatous inflammation diagnosed on FNAC by special stain at Department of Pathology King Edward Medical University, Lahore 8. Prevalence, Demography and Pathomorphology of Accidental Orthopedic Injuries at Mayo Hospital 9. A study of Association of Thyroid Disorders with Infertility in Women 10. Role of Bone marrow Biopsy in staging of Non Hodgkin and Hodgkin Lymphoma

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